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Production Time
Production in house is usually Seven to Five business days.
Extra time may be necessary for products that must be shipped in or out of stock.
Shorter production time may be available, please contact us with your needs. A rush charge may apply.

Engraving Information
Information that is to be engraved MUST be given to us in a typed and clearly printed form.
Email or printer generated text is recommended (12 point type minimum please).
Any information hand written or even hand printed is subject to misinterpretation.
We will charge to correct hand written information.
Proof and Double Proof name spellings before submitting your list.
We do not question a strange spelling of a name anymore and will charge for the correction
if it was given to us as a incorrect spelling.

We have a minimum charge of $15.00 each time a order is placed (Plus sales tax and any shipping and handling)
Any orders placed next day of a previous order will be considered a new order.
In the event we are working on your RUSH order, any add-ons will be considered a new order.

A deposit of 50% of the value of the order is required when a order is placed,
the balance for the order is due when the order is finished.
Orders to be shipped require full payment in advance.

$35.00 charge for returned checks.

Photos - Artwork
A customer by submitting any Artwork, Logo, Graphic, Photo or any published printed-electronic material etc.
is acknowledging that they have permission and the right to order the reproduction of the submitted
material as part of an award, gift or other product Corporate Expressions, Inc. produce for that customer.
Also the submitting customer is in compliance with all laws and regulations concerning Copyright and
Trademark of the submitted material.  In addition the submitting customer also
accepts all responsibilities, legal and financial, with the reproduction of the submitted material.

Artwork and Graphics to be engraved must be provided as BLACK and WHITE,
NO gray areas, NO halftones, NO color.
We charge $75.00 per hour, minimum one half hour, to correct bad artwork
The customer will be contacted if this charge is required.

We will determine if any artwork provided is usable for engraving purposes.

We use UPS, FedEx and U.S. Mail (UPS preferred). We can use your shipping account if preferred
and send you tracking numbers.
When shipping we examine all pieces to make sure they are in good condition and are packaged properly.
However once an order is shipped we have no control how it is handled or if your order will be delivered
in a timely manner . If any damage to the order occurs or the order is lost or delayed you must notify
the shipping company immediately and replacement compensation must come from the shipping company.
We will, however, work with you to replace damaged or missing items within deadlines if possible.

Our errors are rare and we humble apologize for them, we will correct our errors as fast as possible
at our expense or full refund. However correction or refund is the extent of our liability and all
incorrect items must be returned.
Errors caused as a result of incorrect information supplied by a customer can be corrected
at customers expense.

Customer owned items
We do not take in items to be engraved.
Exception, if you have a minimum of  25 identical pieces to be engraved in an identical format,
we will be happy to quote your job.  A setup charge would apply and
one throw away piece may be needed for the setup.

This Site
All illustrations of layouts, logos, graphics, text and or names etc. shown in this publication
are for examples only and are the property of their respective owners or are fictional.

We reserve the right to correct errors in this site, at any time, including at the point of ordering.
Corrections includes, but not limited to, pricing, sizes, material used, and type-O's.

It is our policy that we do not share, sell or lease to any persons or entity information about our customers.
The customer information collected with this web site or given to us by our customers is for
our exclusive use in producing awards and recognition items for our customers use.
We only maintain information relevant to award and recognition products for that customer and the
servicing of that customers dates and delivery deadlines.
Customer information is further restricted to, need to know,
only the information needed to complete a task in the line of production of a customers items is distributed.
Confidential financial information is only maintained at the specific request of the customer
and is only accessible by one person.
All  customer information is maintained in a secure location and in a secure manner as to restrict any
unauthorized access.

All award and recognition items must be assembled, engraved, etched or imprinted according to specific instructions of a customer.  Award and recognition items made for one customer, to their specifications, have no value
to anyone but the customer who ordered them.
Therefore if the order has been produced correctly there are no returns or exchanges.